When u think u have achieved everything everything is LOST !

U try so hard to gain something and u spend day and night without taking a break to get that partcualr thing cos u wanna see it be a success. but something i mean SOMETHING make it to be faliure and u get the wrong results. In the end what is left????????????? only the result u got and the effort u put is all but forgotten . only u know how much effort u put into it. Some may say tat u will get the results in the future. BUT how can we be dependent on the FUTURE???????? IT is so unpredictable. So in the end like LORD BUDDHA said " me sansare samavita sadakalika Dukkaki" ( all there is is left in life is tears and sadness all the time!)

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7:18 PM

Good one.... got two points to make: the word Dukka, refers to impermanence: the impermanence of joy, and sadness both. So it isn't about sorrow though the direct translation tells us that...He is mealy stating a truth. This does not mean that we should dwell on Dukka. He is stating a truth.

Secondly, i prefer (my opinion) to call the Buddha, the Buddha instead of Lord Buddha-he is just another human being-but one who is enlightened, which is what is meant by Buddha....

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