This Blog Has Been Moved..

Hi Everyone .

Just want to let everyone know that I have moved this blog to a new location.  The new url of this blog is as follows.

You can still check out all the posts I have posted here in the new blog as well . Do check it out as I have some interesting posts coming up in the new few weeks. =)

Cheers !!

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The Trampled Rose

She was a small town girl with a big heart. Born to a very poor family who didn’t know when their next meal would arrive; she was the one shining light that helped her family forget what they were going through. Her parents called her “Sudu Duwa” (Sweet Daughter), and her little brother called her “Sudu Akka” (Sweet Sister) but for everyone else she was knows as “Kusum” (Flower).

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100 words - Loneliness

How does it come? How does it go away?  There will be numerous answers but isn’t there an exact one? Some are lonely when they don’t have any one to love, some when they are depressed, and some who shows they are happy and glad from the outside; but deep inside, they miss something which they also don’t understand. It could be the stress that’s taken a toll on them. It could be a result of living alone, devoid of friends, family or missing your true love. Don’t be lonely be happy. It’s temporary; only you can make the change.


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I am Talking To You..

I always relied on you to build my life. I always used your advice , your light and guidance to carry me forward during the happy and darker times. You always showed me the path to success and though it was a path filled with difficulties and challenges, you made me believe that its the correct way which in the end bought me success, happiness and peace.

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Dreams of a Child..

I was on the way home in the bus today where a small kid in the front seat was telling his mom of his dreams. He was telling how he will grow up and earn a lot of money and get two cars for him and mom. How he will buy a big house and live by his own and send mom to live with his grandma so he can live alone (this made me laugh, quite a witty kid he was =)), how he has problems with his dad's smoking and drinking and asking his mom why does he do it and swearing to mom that he will never do it at all.  Listening to the whole conversation from behind, it got me thinking..

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The Curious Case of the UDRS

I was going through the Cricinfo website today when I saw that, the upcoming series between Sri Lanka and Australia will not feature the Umpire Decision Review System. The news really got me thinking and after reading about Daryl Harper the ex aussie umpire blasting MS Dhoni for his remarks regarding him ;  I decided to take a closer look about both of these stories and the Umpire Decision Review System as a whole and how it has changed our beloved game.

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For Friendship..

We have been best friends from the first day we got to know each other. Though at times I felt I was a nobody , you never treated me that way and always took care of me as I was one of you .We had our good times, we had our bad times and you seem to handle me, understand me like no other. Even when I was making those stupid jokes or when I was burning with anger and palpitations, you knew that I was just being me and always stood with me just like best friends do.

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