Dreams of a Child..

I was on the way home in the bus today where a small kid in the front seat was telling his mom of his dreams. He was telling how he will grow up and earn a lot of money and get two cars for him and mom. How he will buy a big house and live by his own and send mom to live with his grandma so he can live alone (this made me laugh, quite a witty kid he was =)), how he has problems with his dad's smoking and drinking and asking his mom why does he do it and swearing to mom that he will never do it at all.  Listening to the whole conversation from behind, it got me thinking..

As kids we all have dreams, dreams to become successful, dreams to become doctors, lawyers, engineers etc. But, how many of us really achieved those dreams? just like the kid I mentioned above , we must have said to our parents, ourselves  what we want to become numerous times; but in the end , destiny and our own mishaps takes us somewhere else and we would end up in a place we never dream of being in the first place.

It’s good to see kids today still dreaming big. Dreaming big to be people they accept as role models. Also it’s amazing how they can identify the bad ones from the good ones very easily and have the guts to question “why dad is smoking? Isn’t that good for his health?

We should learn from the younger generation for a change and learn to live our lives freely, with ambition, desire and happiness. We should not look at life with seriousness at all times and should let it flow like a river and learn to see where it will take us to. This doesn’t mean we should be lethargic and wait for things to happen for us.  But just like that young boy who told his dreams to his mom; we should also have dreams and should strive our best in a slow but steady way to achieve those dreams.

We are lucky to be born as humans and we should not let it go to waste. Life is Beautiful. Enjoy the Ride.  Dream Big and Go for it.  You will get there somehow, someday.  I am stopping for now with the following quote which defines the epitome of life and the message I tried to convey throughout this post.

Life is not about waiting for the Sunlight. It’s about learning to Dance in the Rain. “


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11:10 AM

true. good article.

  Chamindra H

7:50 PM

@Niroshini: Thanks a Lot! Glad You liked the Post =) Cheers!!

  Dinuka Arseculeratne

3:24 AM

The best one i hv seen from u as at date.. Loved every bit of it. Loved the wordings and phrases. Cheers bro.. Keep writing. Its a God given talent. God bless

  Chamindra H

7:30 AM

@Dinuka : Thanks a Lot Bro =) Glad you loved the post and Thanks a Lot for the Wishes and the Encouragement Cheers !! =)

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