I am Talking To You..

I always relied on you to build my life. I always used your advice , your light and guidance to carry me forward during the happy and darker times. You always showed me the path to success and though it was a path filled with difficulties and challenges, you made me believe that its the correct way which in the end bought me success, happiness and peace.

But today, I feel you have left me. Left me alone in the dark to make my own decisions and find my way to freedom. I am confused and I haven't realized yet why you did this to me. Did I do something wrong? Didn't I listen to you at any moment which made you angry and mad to leave me like this without notice?

You need to answer my question and I need your answer now. They say that your mind is a healer; but I consider you as my best friend. Without you I am nothing. So, answer my question without any more delays. Others might see me as I am meditating. But only me know that I am waiting for some serious answers from the guide of my life.

Slowly but surely you answer; you say that you are not going to control my life anymore and letting me take my own decisions. You say that you will stay with me but will help me only at most difficult times. It's time for you to move on from being a boy and start becoming a man.

I was perplexed at first ; trying to see how I can respond to your answer. But then I realized that you were doing this thinking of my future. If I am going to stand up in this world with my two feet I need to make my own decisions and not depend on you all the time. I knew you will be there to help me if I fall ; so I decided to take your answer as advice.

The advice you gave have done wonders to me so far and has played a huge part in making me the man I am today. I pay homage to you for being with me always and showing me a side I didn't see before. That is why I always call you my guide, my best friend.

Thank You for Everything. Without you, I am nothing.


The above is the reply by me for this week's  Indie Ink Writing Challenge, given to me by Amy and the challenge was;

"Meet your guide: animal, person, spirit, your higher self... Ask your guide if there is something he or she or it needs to tell you, if there is any advice you need to hear. You may also ask a specific question. Get the answer! ".

Hope you guys like my response  =)  .

Also please check out the response by Bran who will put up her super reply very soon.

Cheers !!

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1:25 PM

I was intrigued by this prompt and think you did a great job of developing it into a lovely narrative.

  Chamindra H

10:06 PM

@Karla: Thanks a Lot !! =)

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