For Friendship..

We have been best friends from the first day we got to know each other. Though at times I felt I was a nobody , you never treated me that way and always took care of me as I was one of you .We had our good times, we had our bad times and you seem to handle me, understand me like no other. Even when I was making those stupid jokes or when I was burning with anger and palpitations, you knew that I was just being me and always stood with me just like best friends do.

I always wanted the best for you. I wanted you to find your true love. Its not because you are Romeo, but because you are a great human being and a great friend who deserve the best. I was unhappy when Rosaline denied your love for her. I felt like going and telling her that you are one awesome guy and that you love her so very much. Unfortunately , she didn't care a bit and I was not happy , since I wanted you to be happy. 

Then I saw that you have fallen for Juliet, I was pleased as punch and I wished every minute , every hour that you guys would be able to be together forever. But , a love story is not complete without an enemy.  I understood that Tybalt was not happy with what you had with Juliet and when you received that death threat ; I wanted you to fight him. But being the man you are , you said you won't . Instead, I decided to fight him by myself.

As I battled with Tybalt for your honor , I never thought you will come between us and intervene. I didn't want you to get hurt but you still decided to come.You jumped to the middle of us and I never saw that blade edge coming towards me. I felt something sharp hitting my body like a sharp arrow.  My body became cold, my heart was beating more than it have ever beaten all my life and I felt I was falling to the ground. 

I knew my last moment has come as I vividly saw the blood stains in the Tybalt's sword. I wished so much that I could get up and kill him before he hurts you. But, my life was half gone, and I was helpless while waiting for my last breath to fall.  

Deep inside, I was happy I did something worthy at last in my life and I did it for my friend  in honor of his love , to protect his love. I will be leaving this world for now but you will be my best friend , my brother for life. I'll say bye for now till we meet again and I will be always there for you no matter what because you are my best friend. And that is a promise.


The above is the reply by me for this week's  Indie Ink Writing Challenge, given to me by  Andrea and the challenge was " Re-write a part of a famous story from a minor character's point of view. E.g. Romeo and Juliet told by Mercutio or Star Wars told by Darth Vader. It can be as long as you want!".
I was one of my hardest challenges yet . Hope you guys like my response  =)  .

Also please check out the response by Jen O who will put up her super reply very soon.

Cheers !!

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  Head Ant

4:29 AM

I would have to argue about the part where Mercutio is a minor character. He's larger than life!

Great job though.

  Chamindra H

7:02 AM

@Head Ant: Yep I have to agree that he has a big role in the whole story. Thanks a lot for checking out the Post and the comment. Cheers!! =)


11:45 PM

Ok so blogger has just deleted my original comment, argh!! Blogger hates mobiles, that's a fact...
Anyway, rant's over, soz!
You've done a really good job, Mercutio is a great character with a lot of options on personality and I liked your take on it. It was very modern.
- andrea

  Chamindra H

6:47 AM

@Andrea: Thanks a Lot Andrea. Glad You liked the Post =) Thanks a lot for giving me the Challenge. Cheers !! =)


1:17 PM

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