To King Sanga..

Dear Sanga ,

It's been a long time since I have written about you . If I am right, it was when the Viva advertisement and also the Hutch and Dialog advertisements you posed in created a lot of buzz among our tv viewers . Today, I am going to write something different about you. I know this is bit of a depressing time period since you and the whole team must be upset of loosing the ODI series to the English by a whisker. I am not going to write about that. But, I am going to write about your speech.  The speech that you gave for the MCC Spirit of Cricket Cowdrey Lecture at Lord's on the 4th of July 2011.

I saw that you have given a marvelous speech on the 5th morning and was dying to to take a listen to it. Luckily , while on the way home with my dad,  a recorded version of your speech was on air in Yes FM and I was able to listen to a bit of it till I got home. I was stunned with your words and so was my dad.  I remember how he just stopped the car in the traffic and took a long time to go since he was concentrating fully on your speech and ignored the tooting of other vehicles behind him . We couldn't listen to the whole speech that day. But from the little I heard , I was determined to listen to the whole speech . That I did yesterday.

The way you started your speech was brilliant I must say,  taking the listeners through the history of Sri Lanka and giving examples of the local cricket culture was simply brilliant and I was taken a back on how fluently you expressed those milestones and landmarks of our island with such passion , heart and soul. I always knew you are an intellect and your speech made my belief more stronger. There were a lot of words you used that I haven't heard before and I had to keep a dictionary with me to understand them . I am stressing that it's not wrong since you helped me to learn some new words in the always mysterious language we call "English. ".

You managed to touch upon all the highlights of our island's proud cricketing history and I am sure the members of the MCC who were listening to you there must have wondered "can such a history and culture really exist ?"  you proved to them it can.  The jokes you made through an inside look of the cricket team was simply super and it really shows how our cricket team works and be like a family every time they are on the field as well as off. 

People might say that you "disturbed a honet's nest " by some of the comments you made during your lecture. I didn't hear any of that and though I heard the word  "Partisan Cronies " when I looked it up in the dictionary it meant " Political Companions"; it's not a bad a word right ?  

If there is anything bad you said did hurt anyone, it's because you exposed them to the world through your words and you spoke the truth. I  have always seen you as a person who has never been afraid to speak the truth and the way that you did it during the speech was stupendous. Every ounce of your words took the breath away of every Sri Lankan  and it helped us to understand once more "Why we should be Proud to be Sri Lankan", I congratulate you Sanga for your wonderful speech.You are a true son of Mother Lanka and a  great ambassador to World Cricket.  No matter what might happen in the future , We will always be with you. And I am going to end this letter to you with the last sentence of your speech which I truly believe should be the motto of every Sri Lankan.

"I am Tamil. I am Sinhalese. I am Muslim and Burgher. I am a Buddhist. I am Hindu. A follower of Islam and Christianity. But above all, today and always, I will be, proudly, Sri Lankan" 
Amen !! to that King Sanga.  We are all so damn proud of you.
 Cheers !!

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9:04 PM

Cheers to that!

  Chamindra H

1:03 AM

@Angel:Glad You liked the Post ! =) Thanks a Lot for checking it out. Cheers !!

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