Running Blind

Am i like normal Guys ?? I dont think so . I have nothing in common except for da F****** Body parts. I am totally numb when i am with other guys. they prefer different things and I prefer others. I feel like crying my heart out . or run away from this really stinky life Sometimes i wish i was a gal or more prefebly a wild animal . cos i dont like this life i am living now. I may be show u a different side of me outside. But inside???? I am a person who is "running Blind".

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11:12 AM

Well Dude !! U R crazy

Nuthin is wrong with u !!!!! Al r not the same dude u wont find the five fingers of u all the same just becuz its ur hand....... U have to accept what u r and get the best out of it !!!!

Hope u take this lol!!!!!


11:29 AM

Well i know wat u r telling me and i agree but still !!! I dont know . I am frustrated.


5:18 AM

I guess everyone goes through these feelings at some point of their lives. It’s just a part of getting strong enough to face the world – in other words – ‘growing up’.

Stop being so pessimistic and start looking at the brighter side of things.
And hopefully things should start shining again for you!


7:44 PM

Did u know that, this post is extremely valid for me as well!!! Well, I consider myself to be in the same boat... So I know how shitty it is..

One thing I know is that, someday, somehow, we have to face those ppl & face e society as a whole..



8:05 AM

Yep i agree i totally agree man. We should never !!!!


10:20 AM

The students share something in common with the lecturer; They are all trying so hard to GROW UP!!!


10:34 AM

Well the person who seems to be "Grown Up" must try to be polite to others. I think he is not. So welcome to da club man


6:56 PM

Hey!!! We can never stop learning in life, can we?

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