Tribute To My Girl Friends

They came like the wind
They gave me Happiness
They made me feel alive and new
H.. shi , R ... shi , M--shi and Dil...shi
The Girls I loved the most
Unfortunately , others took them
So i didn't get their hand
But may they live with eternal Happiness
As they are angels that never die !!!

To all the girls who are mentioned above and not mentioned and who knows a guy called " Chamindra Hettitantirige" . Its a Tribute To U !!!

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8:52 AM

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9:17 AM

Yo Man !!!!!

Who cares who thy were now its the time for u to search the right gal in life ..... tribute or no tribute to ur past there are many fish in the sea ..... ut mind u only one fish is for u not the whole bunch !!!!


12:07 AM

Why coes everyname end up with SHI??? or is there a double meaning kinda thing ere



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9:15 AM

Introducing, Chami, the womanizer!

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