The Death Wish

Here I wait till my end comes
The time I leave this world
It has given me nothing at all
Other than sorrow and grief
The clock ticks on minute by minute
Guards standing by
In an hour , i will be hanged
For killing my son and wife

I was living a happy nice life
My family was my soul
But society changed me
To the man i am now
They took away my job and house
For reasons i still dont know
I felt that injustice came upon me
I began to loose control

I came drunk everyday
Hitting my chlid and wife
One day I went to far
The rest is gone from my mind
The Police easily found me
I had to testify
The witnesses were against me
All were looking at my eyes
The Jury and the judge made their decision
"This man should be hanged till he die"

As death comes closer and closer
I wanna say this words
My only wish is to get my son and wife
They are my only life
I didn't want to hurt them
Its known by only me
The rope is aronud my neck now
God!!! Help me to Rest in Peace !!!

( Inspired by a true story )

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9:01 PM


Try this, next poem, show the child's point of view

It's kinda shitty why that goddamn rope isn't here yet..


8:01 AM

Yep I agree . I am working on it .

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