Memories of 2005

As 2005 comes to an end. These are some memories that I think changed my life for ever and will remain as memories that would not fade.

Number 1 - Tsunami

The year began in a sad way as the tsunami brought me and my family a lot of torment and sorrow. It changed my life forever and the way I dealt with all of the side effects that occurred after the tsunami made me a stronger person than I was before. So that’s why I put it as number 1.

Number 2 – My Studies

It was one of the best years of my academic career. After a rather ordinary performance in the previous year ; I wanted to do well in my studies and in the end I think I did well .
But this success was dependent on many people who were like my shadows. My parents My grandmother and siblings and all my friends helped me to achieve greater heights in studies . So this is my number 2.

Number 3 – Group 4

This was the most wonderful thing that happened to me this year. I met four people with whom I worked all day and night in our studies. We want to be the best of the best and to achieve that we worked together as one unit, one team, and one family. And you know what we did became the best as we achieved heights that nobody else could and although
Other people tried various way to break us up. They couldn’t do it. Our bond was like a steel chain that cannot be BROKEN.

SO I like to salute all my group members,
1) Our group leader – .Sanka De Silva ( you were the inspiration to me a tower of strength I am sure that all the others will miss you like the way I do when we do work as a group in the coming year. Thank you man

2) Our programmer – Dhanushka Sadanayaka (You helped me when I was having troubles and we all missed you when you got sick . but in the end you were there and gave me a lot of help and guidance . Thank you man. )
3) Our documenter- Lasith De Tiserra ( you helped me all the time when I need some help and guidance. Thank you man )

4) Our Tester – Medhani Jayasinghe (without you we wouldn’t have a working systems and your testing was the best. Thank you).


Number 4 – People who became my friends forever

I think I was the luckiest person in 2005 because I got to know a lot of people from different cultures and boundaries and habits. I made no enemies; I made only friends and this enabled me to get to know s hidden strength of me; the ability to get to know and communicate with people very easily. Miss Aashika , Sanka, Dhanushka , Lasith , Isuru, Bashi , Gunith ,Daham, Sudantha , Mohomamed , Fawaz , Jayanka ,Wehitha ,Shanith , Kusal; these were some who in the end became a tower of strength to me and made me the person I am today . They were like my second family and I think I was lucky to be with them once again


Number 5 – Me

One might think this should be the first one. But as I was this year I think of others before my self . I think I became a different person this year. A person with a goal , A person who knows the fun part of life , A person who was not scared of challenges., a person that was loved by everyone and hated by none. A person determined and confident and Happy. And also about girls hehe . I met a lot and I am sure I will keep meeting them
And communicating with them . but as I realized during the latter months of the year its not worth going after love as its something that comes to you naturally. It didn’t happen to me this year . It may happen in the coming year or next but what ever happens being single is the best.

So these are my top 5 memories of 2005. I had some many other memories too during the last 12 months . Overall I like to say 2005 was a great year and thank you all for making it a fruitful and peaceful l one for me

Happy New Year TO ALL!!!!

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7:19 PM

Wish u the same man... & thanks to putting me in that list... I consider it an honor!

U're the best blog buddy ever


10:38 PM

Thanks man . and You too Always !!!


6:50 AM

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7:48 PM

Really nice post!


10:06 PM

Hey really touching post thanks for including me in it... It's good to hear that ur keeping well..

Have FUN man!!!


3:03 AM

thanks Aash And Su T V M

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