How does it feel when bever been loved?
How does it feel when love has come and gone
When you miss that tenderness and touch?

How does it feel when you meet the one
But you cannot express your love?
How does it feel when you have the one
But you leave that person at once?

How does it feel when you cry and sigh
When your loved one say goodbye?
How does it feel when you can say "HI"
But you cannot make that move ?

All of these are questions I heard
Over the past few days
The people, who get into them
Have one problem
They cannot answer them

Sometimes you have to ask yourself
Whats the meaning of my life?
Life is not a playground to play
Its a journey with values and sense

So whatever you do think twice
Cos each step has two ways
You may end up being the king of the road
Or a puppet or a dummy in plays

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