What We Should Really Believe

Many people beleive in God and tells that God is there saviour and God will take us through. But does it really happen? Just check the following questions and try to answer them in a true way according to your heart.

1) When we are in trouble or distress we pray to god but does he come and help us ?

2) We pray to god wishing for happiness ,fullfillment and security every day and night, But does he do anything about it ?

3) We go to the temple; some go every day some go on specific days; Is there any worth of doing it?

4) When a person is sick and is suffering from pain and sadness we ask god to help them out and bring them happiness and swift recovery is that worth it ?

5) With all the above question comes the biggest question of them all Does god exit at all?

For all the above questions there is just one answer. Its NO, NO, NO, NO and NO
But dont worry there is a kind of god that is right beside us.

The God is us and ourselves only and the solution for the above problems as well as for a happy and peaceful life is ......


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