Lost Love

We had some good times in the past
I know now they were never meant to last
So now there is only on thing for me to do
That is to forget about you

I will remember for awhile
Your gorgeous smile
And your eyes - so bright
They could light up a dark night

My love I wanted to share
But you just didn?t care
I should have known from the start
I would never have a place in your heart

I wished you could have been my friend
Until the bitter end
I wished you could have been my lover
And held me forever

It is now obvious to me
That we were never meant to be
I will now erase you from my mind
As I know you could have never been mine

(Adapted May. 09, 2006 at 11:09 PM )

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4:58 AM

forget it and move on... it's not worth it

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