Boyfriends and Girlfriends... Do We Need Them?

Boyfriends and Girlfriends do we need someone like that in life? Sometimes you can you will get someone very easily (some of my friends are excellent at this lol) and sometimes you wont go after a gal who already has a BF or GF( which was what I used to do) and sometimes you will not get anyone at all. But think again should we do these stuff or think of it at all? You just get lucky sometimes where you have a BF or GF who is with you all the time and share your life and thoughts but when you think again doesn't friends do the same thing? Personally I think if you have a best friend you don’t really need to have a gal or a guy (Well if you need someone to cuddle in your hand and want to spend money for and wanna take out to a ball game or a party to get points well that’s another thing.)

I have no hatred to all the lovers or people who call themselves "committed". But think for a minute why the hell are you spending your money and life to just one person just for some mutual pleasure??? It just crap and sad cos you can spend more time with your family and friends and enjoy life more. Some friends I know don’t even spend half of the time they spend with their mom or dad than the time they spend with their GF or BF how pathetic?? how sad??

So dont worry if your single or if your lonely and feel you dont have anyone in this world. You got your parents with you, your friends; your siblings spend time with them and enjoy life. There are people I know who haven't felt the warmth of their parents from the day that they are born. You are lucky so don't lay a price on it.

Many say that this is the gal i am going to marry. This is the guy of my dreams ( jeeze give me a break lol). But remember crush , infatuation ,love, marriage are totally different set of stages. So Think Before You Act!

God Bless You All !

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  Tom Bailey

7:50 AM

This depends completely upon the people that you ask. It also depends on how you view things like sex as well.

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