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My parents were talking about my future the day before and my plans after my degree. It was a sudden arrival and I never expected my parents to ask me about my future plans this soon. But it came up.. since I am the eldest and cos I was the one who will be finishing my degree first.. my parents were looking about my future before thinking about my bro and sis.

I always wanted to work and earn so I can help my family fulfill their needs. I was really depressed about the fact that I have to ask my dad for money all the time which I sometimes doesn't do although I am on an empty pocket. I told my idea to my parents and like most other parents they liked my idea. But after that they suggested me another idea...

In my younger years I had a role model in my uncle who live in Australia (I still adore his grit and determination to succeed). And I always wanted to do the same as him by going abroad and live and work abroad. I used to tell my friends and my parents about that idea and my parents knew it and this day they suggested me to apply for lifetime visa for Aus while working....

Now as human being we must make decisions but this decision is too hard for me. I have second thoughts about it but still I wanna go as well . I love my country and want to serve it with my utmost best but still the present situation in the country as well my thirst to "conquer the world with my ability and knowledge" is telling me to go. I also don't want to leave my family behind cos after I go my bro will also go in an year or so and I don't know what my sister will do. So who will take care of my parents???

Right now I am not thinking about this situation and I am concentrating on my studies. but sooner or later I have to make the above decision. Hope God will show me the right path where I can make everyone happy and myself too ( But the sad part is .. It doesn't happen often !)

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7:40 PM

Hm seems like ur all set to step up to the real world. Decisions to be made and choices to be taken. I honestly cannot comment on ur plans to migrate but Im happy to see that u still love this place and want to serve it.

I have seeing many leaving here for good. All of them say that the situation of the country is bad and there is no hope here. But the sad thing is the country served them and made them to be a good human being who can be presented at another country. When u applies for Australia u will represent Sri Lanka. And if they take u in that means the country has given all what u wanted to go there. That’s how I see it.

With all do respects let me make one point. A person who abandons his mother country is abandoning his mother also at that point. There are things for a human to do for his mother and for what ever comes after it. That includes the mother country and the mother language or what ever. I don’t mind people going away. But some still find ways to serve their mother and the mother country where ever they are. If u go be some one like that. Or ur just another child gone missing…..


8:08 PM

fm: Thank you very much for your suggestions and I know what you mean deep down I don't have the feeling to go but according the subject area I am carrying my studies on i have no choice. thats the problem but one thing is for sure.. If I go I wont forget my motherland cos It has given me many things which I cannot repay. Ill do my best to serve my country. And I will be a Sri Lankan and nothing but a Sri Lankan even after I breath my last breath !

  Lady divine

10:18 PM

very difficult decision indeed... i'm sure things will work out just fine.. parents always make the best decisions for you.. it sure is hard to leave the place u were born and bred in..but u do have to make tough decisions in life...

it's not like u'll be going to Aussie for the rest of ur life.. it's all about self-development and all that..

Look at the people who've gone abroad ... their earnings actually happen to be an inflow of earnings to our country..esp those who go to Middle east and all.. so look on the bright side...u may not be serving ur country if u go abroad, but u sure will be doing good to ur self, ur family and ur country...

so decision is urs...take ur time to think about it. and be ready to do what ur heart and mind says..

my situation is pretty complicated.. i wasn't born here and only moved here for the last 6-7 yrs.. i do love the country.. i never knew what living with ur own type of people was like till i came here for good... and i'm glad my parents actually brought me here..:-) settling down to a different lifestyle and people and all was certainly a tough challenge for me..but i managed.:-)

BUT i do want to go to Aussie for further studies and to work... i may certainly come back..but someday within the next 2-3 yrs, i do want to go..the only person holding me bk is my mother.. she doesnt want to let me go right now..:-)

So think hard and see what u want to do..and all the best..:-)


11:50 PM

ld: thank you for all your encouragement and thoughts I am used to taking tough decisions in life in the past but this is too hard you know hehe. Anyways there's still time and I am sure I will take the appropriate decision. and I am sure you can do the same too.Don't worry time will show the right path ( thats what I got to realize through yours and fm's comments) and I wish you all the best too in what ever decision or step you take All the Best...

  Lady divine

9:04 PM

thanks disease...:-)


3:31 AM

Draw up a list of pros and cons and then forget about it for a week. Look at the list again and try and pin down exactly the first thing that comes to your mind. Generally, this is usually the right choice, before it gets clouded with the 'buts' and the 'what ifs'.

You can always come back for holidays and it depends on your personality whether you actually leave SL or carry a part of it inside you always.


9:39 AM

Darwin: Thats a great idea thank you very much Darw but one thing I have seen you know most people I mean 75 percent of them go abroad and come back as a different person. True that they are Sri Lankans but most of them forget their mother tongue and the cultures of our country which is pathetic. I am not like that tho people say I might change But! I wont cos I was born a Sri Lankan and I will die as a Sri Lankan!

Thanks for the tip again I should really try that our in my study work :D

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