Valentine Special (The Promise)

As the Valentine Week comes to an end.. I thought of posting a something about it. I thought of posting it the way I normally do..through a poem :)
Enjoy !!!

Its been a while.. since I saw you
Those pretty eyes.. with that sweet smile
The day I first.. saw you girl..
I knew all ways.. you are going to be mine

Her name is J.. with an e at the end
She's prettier.. than anyone else
A flower.. that grows everyday
But never faded.. although night came

One day we met... on a Saturday night
At a party.. at my friends place
We talked for.. hours and hours
Then she kissed me.. and said Good Bye!

We both made promises.. during that night
That we wont forget each other.. anytime
We will be lovers.. till the very end
Cos our true in every way

We kept it touch.. every night and day
Talking about us.. all the time
She sometimes smiled.. She sometimes cried
But I cuddled her up ... every every time

We kept a promise.. to survive together
We kept a promise.. never to be apart
We are still together .. more than year and a half
Since the day cupid matched us..on his day of Love!

Love is magical.. Love is sweet
Love makes you smile.. It makes you weep
Whatever happens..Never give up
Love the person you love..from the bottom of your heart !

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  ~ lo$t $oul ~

5:11 AM

well hope all goes well you n ur lady!!

  Lady divine

12:14 AM

Wish you both all the best and eternal love..:-)


12:34 AM

LS & LD: Thank You Very Much !


10:37 AM

poetic as always


7:56 PM

Sudantha: Thanks man :D

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