Experience Expressed

"" Never Love someone who doesn't deserve your Love ""

"" Never Love someone who loves another One ""

"" Your Heart is Special... Your Love is so Pure.. ""

"" Let Time flow... That Special One will Come... ""

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  Lady divine

2:14 AM

Lovely...now there's something so positive in those lines.. I like to really believe in the last one.. Let's wait and see when it'll come true...:-)


11:12 PM

man.. u sound like dat guy in Robin Hood who sings about the love he lost.... I 4get the name....


2:43 AM

LD : Thank you very much. yep lets wait and see.. time will show the correct path :-)

DF: Are you talking about Clanned? they are the people who sings the tunes in Robin Hood anyways thanks for the complement man :-)

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