Confused :(

I see you
in my dreams in my heart
in my soul

You just come and
You just go
Giving me tears
Pains and sorrows

Its so hard to bear this
cos i cannot tell you
"I love you"

The reason is i am afraid
I am confused
Do i really love you or not?

What is love? what is it?
Does anyone knoe
Tell me how it works?

This really sucks
But I am moving on
Cos i know someday
I will learn the lesson I want

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  Lady divine

3:10 AM

sometimes there are things in life that are hard to understand.... but if there's something that you want, go after it coz u'll never regret the effort you put in...

But always make wise decisions and believe in what you do..:-)


6:31 AM

Thank u LD and to be honest with you thats what I am exactly doing these days and I made some decisions lately and did carry out them and till now I have no regrets on what I did and I hope it would be the same in the future :-)

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