I've been busy.. really really busy...
Work at Uni.. is taking a lot out of me
No time to breath.. no time to sleep..
Staring at the PC... My eyes are so weak...

I took a break last week
Went on a trip with my cousins
Had a lot of fun and joy too
But it all lasted 48 hours tho

I want to finish this soon
But I cannot decide my fate
Have to wait till December
To get out of this place

The pain is soo high
I am tired more than ever
Somebody give me the strength and power
I need to pull this off

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  Lady divine

2:55 AM

Make sure you put in a lot of effort and do our best ok.. for you do not get this time again... so make the most of it.. and good luck!!

When you turn back, you're definitely gonna miss it...
Have fun and don't think too much about it.. Just try to finish up everything to the best of your abilities!!

  Feather man

6:38 PM

Take work advice of tha wide lady "D". She goes throught same shit what u go through most of the time I guess. But hay some people are really good at it. Well Im not in a possition to advice in that case ha ha.
But man only thing I can say is
'If u dig started to dig the hole, dig it till u hit the bottom'


5:36 AM

LD: Thank u and I know what you mean I am well aware of my swot analysis and gonna do this accordin to that finish it off.. it is gonna be hard but Ill do my best to come through :)

FM: hehe yea man i know what u mean the thing is this hole dragging you to the bottom as well hehe anyways i wont let it take control of me I will work on this and finish it off to the best og my ability :)

By the way nice to c you back :-)

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