Interesting Definitions :D

The following are some definitions and quotes that I gave and came up with about things that you see and hear everyday.. check them out and let me know what you think :-)


"An act of selfishness in order to secure a person's foreseeable future..."

"is a commodity used by two people to exchange their deepest interest to each other in a non verbal way but comes at a price"."

"A struggle that begins with nothing and ends with nothing"

A Smile
"Something that makes you happy even during the darkest hours "

A Kiss
"Exchange of a tender moment by 2 people to express their feelings to one another when they are lost for words "

A Woman
"The Wonderful Opposite of a Man"

This is it for the moment I got loads more.. will post them as time comes :) till then


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7:41 PM

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  Lady divine

9:26 PM

This is awesome!!!
I like the one about life..:D so damn true!


1:33 AM

LD :- Thank You Lady D I got more up on my sleeve will post them as in the future be sure to check them out 2 k ? :-D


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