What Would U Do ?

If people take you for granted ? Doesn't appreciate for the good things you do but always criticize the bad things you do? Always take advantage from you knowing you can't do anything about it but just be quiet and listen and bear all the crap that is put on your head ?

I have been suffering these things for the past few months now and I am coming to the point where I wont be able to take this anymore. Some people I think who are my friends and relatives are quickly beginning to be my foes and I don't know if I can change that since I am also a human being who hasn't got unlimited patience .

My parents tell me to be Patient.. Control your Emotions which I am trying to my best. But lately this crap has become soo regular that I have become sick of being the chicken anymore.. I don't care about those kind of people anymore.. I don't like them anymore..

I have blocked all the contacts with most of the people like this ( some who are my cousins who were very close to me in the past) people should accept me for who I am and not what I am not and until they do that I am gonna stick to my own rules and thinking and forget about the rest.

As I said in the past.. BEING GOOD IS BAD.. and comes at a Price.. Maybe I m paying that price now but how long should I keep on paying??? A question I would love to get an answer. A question which has become a nightmare for me everyday when I go to sleep..


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