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Last week was my worst week ever! A week I wish no one of you will ever come across..A lot of things happened to my family and it was really dreadful.
I really don't wanna go in detail so Ill keep it short! first on Monday a gang of robbers mugged by dad while coming back from the bank after taking money which was saved by him and my mom all through life in order to take my Bro to USA for his studies. He was SHOT as well and fortunately the robbers did that just to scare him and his driver and take only the money ( Thank God for that ! ) I was really scared ,sad and annoyed cos no one in my family told me about this until a friend asked me if such a thing happened.. There were tears in my eyes while i was on my way home and I couldn't control myself when I saw my Dad and cried for a long time while hugging him.. The thing that got me annoyed was that no one in my family told me about this. thinking that I would get scared.. but common I am 23 right? family is all I got and anything happening to them does make me sadder than anything else.I recovered on the same day momentarily and wanted to forget the whole thing and I must say prayers were answered by God cos I think God saved my Dad's Life.

Then it was Thursday the day Bro went to US. it was a very sad day I was thinking about it all day at work and couldn't even do my work properly.I thought I would be strong to handle it but when the time of arrival came I couldn't control myself I didn't want him to see me crying so I went out hid my emotions as much as I can till he went and then cried the whole night I couldn't sleep for a while and the emotions just ran through.. I will not see him for 2 or 3 years as its really expensive when it comes to traveling from SL to US and vice versa.But i was determined to help my parents out with the Cash to bring him back at least once cos I know they can't wait without seeing him tho we get to see him and kit through msn , Facebook etc etc.

Also my Sister is not well 2. from her childhood she has suffered from the wease and also she gets very upset soon for anything and becomes really uncontrollable and need to be looked after carefully. Lately she have been troubled by my cousins who made some bad jokes to her which she didn't like and her Boyfriend (she has one god I am the only person single in the family !) has not been nice to her lately as well and she has become sick again! I was fucking mad hearing all this shit people did /do to my Sis common why don't they take a break and do not try to understand her ? she is a very sensitive person and a small thing breaks her heart.these people don't understand that and I swear I WOULD PUNCH HER BOY'S ARSE WITH BOTH OF MY LEGS IF I EVER SEE HIS FACE ! HE IS MESSING WITH MY SISTER THAT'S THE WORST CRIME A PERSON CAN DO ! I am annoyed with my cousins 2 I talk with only a handful nowadays I have blocked them on chat and talk with them less than I used to cos for me Family comes first nothing else!.

Well that's how my week went.. I really don't know how to handle this cos I know my Mom cant cos she looks into all of these as well and also takes care of My Grandma.. I have realized that it sucks to be the elder son in the family but when its emotional I do become a baby and mad than A lion or a elephant out of control ! its sucks really but I am trying to keep calm and handle every situation tears do come emotions do run wild but i try to keep myself focused and calm my main goal is to protect my family and I m gonna do whatever it takes 2 make it right! No fucker , asshole or bitch can hurt my family members if they do I swear to myself that I will give them pain till they Die !

I wanted to write about this during the weekend but still the pain didn't ease off cos the incidents that occurred was just too much for me to handle.. However I have recovered and gonna be the Elder Son my family want me to .. I am gonna be calm as much as I can and be a role model to my bro and sis. I am gonna survive the pain and be a winner in life and bring every happiness to my family. I dont want a family for myself now cos I have one which I cherish so much its the best and will be the best.

Well some good news to share with you 2 :) Bro is safely in US and Dad also went with him and I am sure that would help him to forget the whole incident that happened with him. Bro went to his Uni yesterday so hopefully all his preparations for the new Sem will go well. Sis is still recovering I bought her pizza yesterday to eat and enjoy and make her feel better hopefully she will recover soon 2 and her BF .. he is gonna be safe for the moment...

Have a Gr8 Week Everyone ! and May the Noble Triple Gem Bless U Always !

Until Next Time..


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  Lady divine

9:42 PM

oh my... I'm so sorry about all this.. looks like we're all having a hard time eh? and why is it us over and over again??

I'm glad that everuthing's ok now and that your dad is fine...

Wish your bro all the best..

I've asthma too.... gets bad sometimes... take care of your sister..:)

Take care disease.... be strong..:)


8:47 PM

LD : Thank You Lady D for the Support :) I will be strong Lady D sometimes I get a bit emotional maybe I am used to being like that gonna be a tougher cookie from here on :)

take care 2 Lady D



10:11 AM

I think emotional people are the stronger ones.. coz they can get over things pretty quick than those 'tough cookies' who stuff everything down and rot inside.. and anything comes their way... they only do one thing.. get angry.. then it follows with banging, cussing, and I could throw in extreme addiction to 'MEDICATION'

so I think.. even with all.... you are doing pretty good and you have the strength to come around and keep going....



1:44 AM

Guy: Thank you so much for tha;t inspirational comment :D you just showed me a side of my nature that I have never realized so far thank you again and thanks for visiting my blog =) hope to see more from you often and as u said I am might be emotional but "ALL IS WELL !" :)



7:24 PM

hey chami.....

I hope your dad is alright... I'm going to pray for his recovery and that everything will be alright! It might not be much, it's the least I can do.

No matter what happens dude, you do have people who love you. No matter what, and we are all here for you ok?

Your father will be okay, your bro will come back (with your help of course), your sister will dump that loser and hopefully your grandmother will find health and peace...

Hang in there pal.... loads of hugs and kisses

Thehruwan Saranai



9:04 PM

Pavithri : Thank you Pavzzz for your concern and words I know Pavzz bad things happen to good people and life sucks big time but I always believe there is something good that will happen 2 :)

I am always praying for my family everyday and I hope those prayers will bless all of them and keep them happy , well and good

Thank you again Pavzz I am really glad to have friends like you it just makes me happy how much I m down cos I know you are there for me :)

u take care 2 and Theruwan Sarani



10:48 AM

What can I say Chami , quite a touching story. There are many ups and downs in life buddy , but you always have to stand firm and be strong cuz you have to decide your own fate .

I hope your dad's fine and your bro leaving you is an investment for his future. I am sure your sis will get over that prick .

The main thing is never keep problems to yourself and always appreciate who u are and never think oh i wish i was like this. There is something special about everyone matey.

Tc buds. Guess Who I am ? Your one of my good friends.


7:06 PM

hotshot : Thank you Bro for your motivating words ! I know bro its just that life sucks sometimes and the pressure it creates its tooo hot to handle hehe
but I will survive bro I never went down on challenges and this is a life challenge will I will do my best to pull off with the help of Rational Rick !! :)


(I know who you are hehe )

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