Me vs Office Bullies - (The Revenge )

A big Howd to all ..:) hows the new year treating everyone so far? hope its going great for you and everything is fine.. :) been missing my blog in 2009.. been busy with work , friends and family so didn't really get a chance to update my blog tho i visited all your blogs and leave comments when ever I can :)

I have had a tough 2009 so far.. life is changing and playing the role of big brother and the eldest of the family is not easy ( though I enjoyed to the fullest :) )Also I am confused about my higher studies weather to do an MBA or do any certification courses and also the most difficult thing surviving in my current workplace which I have mentioned in my previous posts.

From the day I started working I was bullied by my colleagues at my workplace.I was ok with the normal jokes but during the latter part of last year those jokes became personal which made me mad and sad at the same time. I was quiet ..really quiet since I thought it will stop but it didn't stop! it got WORSE !!

They started attacking my dad and were making jokes about his job why he is coming to pick me up from work everyday etc etc. and when they made this joke I decided it was the limit and I couldn't take it anymore.. I got really pissed and I have gave them a piece of my mind in a stern way.. I had to take control of the situation so I did it by letting them know how I feel about what they were saying to me.

After that day the sorries came from them and I said forgave them cos I am not a person who holds grudges but a week later the bulleying started once again ( very pathetic isn't it) this time they were making random inside jokes at me.. ex: hiding my lunch , opening the door when I was in the toilet etc..
I decided it was the TIME to teach them a lesson they wont ever forget!! and last Thursday I implemented it. :)

First I took some pics of them from facebook (yes they were unlucky for adding me on facebook as a friend :D) did some changes to the pics and mailed those pics to the whole section in my office using a fake id :D. so what I did with their pics ?? the examples are shown below :D

It was a great plan and it worked wonderfully.. :) even the gals in my section got the mail and were laughing and all the people in my section were having a blast while the unfortunate ones were embarrassed and angry and was trying to look for the person who did it.. I didn't disappoint them as I went towards them and said to them it was ME WHO DID THIS TO THEM !! after I said that they didn't say a word (guess they realized why I did it) but was pleading me not to upload them on Facebook since their gals and friends would check them out 2 ( yeah baby revenge rules !! :) )

I didn't upload the pics on Facebook since I taught them a lesson.. They apologized all day and I kinda felt sorry for what I did 2.. But I guess I did the correct thing without by taking matters to my own hands and without going and telling my boss and making complains to the management of the firm.. I am a person who do things on my own and don't lean on 3rd parties to do something for me.. So I am proud on what I did and though a backlash might come from the bully's ( which I am expecting) the embarrassment they got from me will stay forever untill they retire :).

So this sums up my month of Jan so far.. Malli is doing ok in USA tho he is stuck in freezing cold and on holidays at the moment which is bad and good my Grandmothers 2 months arms giving is coming up in February.. can't believe its been 3 months since it was like yesterday she was with us.. driving is going good tho I knock on walls and gates all the time which kinda sucks ( Lady D if u r reading this please give me some tips on this anything is appreciated :)) and also as I said in the beginning confusion on my higher studies should figure it out soon..

Also the lady luck is not working for me at all.. The gals I fall for are either looking for just sex and candy or from a different religion ( I always wanted and will want a Buddhist gal to marry cos I have seen with others what multi-religious relationships have done to them..) hopefully things will work out for me this year and I have a gut feeling that I will be committed by the end of 2009 :). ( Wishful thinking you might think hehe)

Well I am glad I was able to post today.. came early to work so I could do this and keep you all updated on my situation hehe what ever you do don't panic think wisely and do take steps to teach someone a lesson ( in a good way that is) if they are messing with you :)

Wish you all good health and happiness and also a prayer to our soldiers as well who I think is the best in the world

Tc Peeps and Good Luck !! :)

Until next time


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  Lady divine

8:03 PM

wow! way to go Disease!!! You rock!!

Hope those bullies learnt their lesson.. and finally it all headed back their way eh?

Great stuff! glad to have read this!!!!!!!! :(


6:37 AM

hey macho.. damn sorry to hear that this kind of shit takes place in a professional working environment.. theres only so much u can tolerate ne da.. good for u man. taught those buggers a lesson indeed just watch ur back alryt.. they myt create ur time there a living hell..


8:38 AM

Hahahaha... Way 2 go... umm... 'Disease?:S' heehe.... CH rox as always !!! heehee.. tc mate... n dont let dose idiots drag u down! ;) (psst...btw... multi religious relationships DO work out!!! not all of em doesnt... depends on d ppl involved!)


12:49 PM

I cant imagine how to handle a situation like that. I am sorry that you had to go through it and its unbelievable that they cant be professional at this level. They really need to grow up!
Be Strong CJ! Cheers...


7:19 PM

I feel very proud of you chami as one of my best friends....well done, though you may be have to be a bit careful doing these things. ;-)


8:32 AM

LD:Thank You Lady D :D yeah they did learn a lesson and I guess they never expected this kinda of a thing from me should have seen their faces when they saw the mail :D

Finrod: Thank You Mate :D people today are so different mate we just have to live even it comes to a point like this where u just have to let them know that you are strong enough to stand up to these kinda crap ... I will watch my back mate but after this they can't do anything cos they got won't get erased :)

CH:LOL !!Thanks CH :D and u r correct about one thing CH ALWAYS ROCK !! and only they can do such things like this :D well I am not betting on my chances of a multi religious marriage CH I am a devoted a Buddhist so I would love to spend my life time with a Buddhist gals so I can share my values and culture and religion together and also it kinda helps to think the same way isn't it ? ( plus I dont wanna go against my parents so its a serious matter 2)

Tryer: Thank You for the Wishes Tryer I know its hard to believe but its Sri Lanka and we always spring up surprises right :D I am gonna survive the tide tho and nothing won't stop me from achieving my goals even bullies like this :D

Lasith: Thank you Bro :D I know man gotta watch my back but they r too ashamed now and if they come up with something I always got something better up my sleeves ;-)

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