Careless Whisper...

"Mate , I'm Done, Can you Bring the Bill Please.. Thanks"
He says to the Waiter as he waits on for the bill sitting in the corner of a small restaurant near the town. He starts thinking about all the things that has happened with him during the past week while having a zip from the remains of his cold glass of wine. He turns his head around where he suddenly notices this beautiful girl sitting in the table near him..

Sparkling Eyes that Shines like Black Marbles.. Amazing Hair just falling down and covering her shoulders..rosy lips that glows to the lights of the restaurant..he is amazed by her beauty and keeps on looking at her hoping she would turn around and notice him.

She notices him.. and start staring back.. She gives him a smile and whispers something..he starts thinking on what that smile really means.. he talks to himself "Is she Smiling at me ? Yes sure she does otherwise why is she checking me out?? what is she saying? Is she asking me to come over and sit with her? why can't she say it loud ?? dammit at least a small wave..." time pass by as he talks to himself again "Time is running Out, I don't care what happens.. I am gonna make a move.." he brings confidence to himself, gets up from his chair and starts walking towards her.

He adjusts his tux, messes with his hair with his hands thinking it's looking good and goes to her table.She sees him coming and keeps eye contact with him. He does the same thing thinking that he has got the lucky stars tonight..

Suddenly.. another guy approaches behind her table and closes her eyes..he ( the guy we know about so far) sees this and just stops in his tracks. he hears the guy telling "Common Darling.. Let's Go Home.. I went and paid the bill to the Manager.. these Waiters are no good..Sorry for getting late.. " .

As emotions collide with disappointment , stupidity and anger he turns away and tries not to show her what he feels about the whole thing. She sees his face going pale and before she goes with her man she takes a pen and writes something in the tissue paper that is near her empty wine glass. He sees this and wait till she and her man goes away..

He thinks for a moment.. "She disappointed me.. But what else she has got to say? what did she write in that tissue paper? should I check it? hmmmm I don't know. should I? should I? ".. As his mind tries to take control over him with such river of thoughts he takes courage and decides to go and read the note she had written before.
He goes to the table, takes the tissue , and reads it..

He grows more pale.. and his heart beat goes down.. he becomes lost on those words for the moment and thinks that the night that started so brightly has just ended suddenly.. he feels like that all his lights has just got knocked down .. disappointed and feeling miserable .. he puts the tissue paper in to his shirt pocket and goes back to his table.. where the waiter awaits with him with the bill..

The waiter has witnessed all the events that transpired within that few minutes..he awaits eagerly to get an answer from him about the outcome. After the bill payment is complete.. he asks the man "Sir.. I saw everything.. what has she written down in the note? ".

He is surprised by the inquisitive waiter; but, he doesn't care about it anymore.. he gets up,lights up a cigar, and takes the tissue paper from his shirt pocket. He goes away from his table silently while giving the tissue to the waiter. After he goes the waiter looks at the tissue paper and sees one word with five letters which said..


Until Next Time

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  ~ lo$t $oul ~

5:49 PM

That is just a suckur punch mate!!! creative though..


7:50 AM

Doesn't "sorry" have err, five letters?


8:19 AM

@LS: hehe yes it is Bro and Thank You =)

@finem: Thank you for pointing out the error =) I just now corrected it.. =)

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