The Cheap Girlfriend...

Always come back saying "I shouldn't have left you" after dumping you for another guy..

Takes your Money.. Shop as much as she wants and spends all the money up and says to you "Sorry !"

Thinks you are the "Perfect Boyfriend" but never tells you "I Love You.."

Always USE you to show off to others that she has you has a Boyfriend..

Smiles but with DEADLY Intentions..

Puts a lot of makeup to EVERY function she Attends.

Always prepared to leave you for someone better if she thinks you are not her Type..

Until Next Time..


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  ~ lo$t $oul ~

8:20 PM

Ouch man... stings like a b*tch doesnt it!!..


11:27 PM

You can use the middle finger for other things, you know?


11:50 PM




9:09 AM

@LS: Yes Bro... A vicious one at that

@KS: haha well sometimes words hurt you more Mate.. and it's my Best Weapon =)

@GG: It's all good GG I am moving on =)


9:42 PM

Ouch, that hurt!


10:04 PM

@Angel: It was meant to be Angel I just exposed the reality =)

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