CWC 2011 - An Indian Conspiracy..

First of all I like to stress that this is not a Cricket Blog. You might surely know now that I am a die hard cricket fan and there is another view I really wanted to write about before the CWC(Cricket World Cup) Fever is definitely over for another 4 years. So here I go..

As I state in my Title I believe that the whole CWC we witnessed recently is a whole conspiracy made by the ICC and the Board of Control for Cricket in India to give India the World Cup. Now my Indian friends who reads this will get pissed about my statement But I stress "YOU SHOULD NOT " after all you HAVE THE CUP ( a fake one at first.. which made me so damn happy when I heard about it ) and the rest of the countries have nothing but a load of money which is worthless since its like a monthly salary or a wage for completing an assignment.

So why do I say its a Conspiracy ? Just take a look back from the days the last World Cup was played and What the Indians did to change the nature of Cricket that is played in the World today ? They created the IPL and by throwing loads and loads of cash they bought the stars of international cricket to play with their local players and teams ; hence, they were able to learn their skills and made sure their players would not have a problem ( to a certain extent) when they face them or bowl to them.

Next they started tours to South Africa , Australia and even Sri Lanka and got their players to tour those countries and get the exposure of playing in those countries and again get their players to get used to those players. This in a way is not a complain since teams should have international tours; BUT money crippled countries like ours always bough the Indians here and made our bowlers so familiar to them after we found gems who just made the Indian Batsmen look like Dummies.( ex: Ajantha Mendis).

So after doing all of that the World Cup came and they demolished every bowler and batsman ( except the South Africans I must say who really showed them what Cricket is) and went on to win the Cup.

I guess you could see where the whole world got it wrong. Money has become a commodity that has taken over sports like wildfire and though it existed in other sports such as Football and Basketball it never affected the great game of cricket till the Indians decided to do it. I must say its Pathetic. Players being sold for millions like goods on a supermarket just disgusts me.. "Talent Cannot be Measured by a Price ".

So our guys lost the final and by tomorrow they will be going back to India to play in the IPL. Isn't that so sad ? going after money is ok but you should have some dignity has a person or some national pride and try to work hard and improve your game for your national duties in the future ( England tour is not going to be easy). Instead, you go for a bucket full of money by playing some T20 matches which really is nothing but a baby when it comes to hard , competitive Cricket. In a way I am so glad that Angelo Matthews got injured and will be missing the IPL , he is our Future Captain and we should not let Bloody Indians or any other country to make use of him by letting them know his skills . If our Cricket Board people got their mindset correct, they will understand this but sadly as I said earlier, money just puts an end to all of that.

I am not saying that I hate the riches , I love to be rich and I want my future to be secure and I know that you need money to do that. BUT you should have some "Dignity" and "Pride" and respect for what you do and for your family and country. " YOU SHOULD NEVER GIVE UP THOSE THINGS FOR CASH . "

So to conclude Congrats to India for winning this CWC. Make no Mistake they did play the Most Consistent Cricket throughout the Tournament and sure are the deserved victors. BUT.. we should not forget their "Plan.." and let us not let them implement that plan for the next world cup as well.

This the end of my CWC posts but certainly not the last Cricket Post. I believe that Cricket is in my Blood and is the one thing that brings Joy to all Sri Lankans. Lets Hope our Boys can Shine Down Under in 2015 and for that we should start the preparation now..

Cheers !!

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2:15 PM

This is a conspiracy theory indeed. Although you might be right that india created IPL and toured countries etc., surely if they are playing other teams and learning how they play, then obviously the opposing teams can learn how to play the indian players too.
it's not one-sided!
and even if the indian players had an agenda and were thinking of this and other teams weren't, well then, kudos to india for being smart!

I really wish we won. we should have. we gave the game away. we shouldn't have made so many changes to a good team.
but hey, these things happen. we have a lot to be proud of and there's always 2015 :D


12:09 AM

I like the way you look at things mate and true we are learning too. But we should not stop the element of surprise by giving our young and natural talent away for money! That's why I am Happy Matthews is injured.
Anyways no point in talking about the Result now its now planning for the Future and get some wins when it comes to Finals where we always seem to loose these days. And you said correctly "There is Always 2015" =D

Cheers !!

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