The Problems in Local Restaurants

Recently I went to a restaurant in Colombo to have a meal . I am a person who likes home cooked food a lot so when I go out I usually look to have a hearty meal with a great service. The food was superb and I ate till there was no room in my stomach . So after the meal I payed and went Home.

So now you must be thinking "what is the problem this guy is talking about ? " So here I go.

Whenever I go to a restaurant and when the waiters give me the menu , I tend to ask what are the available food in the menu. I do this because I don't want to order a good meal and then hear that its not available. So during my visit I mentioned earlier, I took the menu and asked them what are the available meals ? the waiter promptly replied "All Meals are Available Sir. " So I ordered a meal and then in a few minutes the waiter comes back and tell me "Sorry Sir that Meal is not Available." I was like what the hell ? you say it's available when you ask before the order and then you say its not there when order it. This a problem I currently see in local restaurants where the waiters are not aware of the meals that are available in the day. Why can't a simple bit of professionalism can be added and do this process before you open the restaurant for the customers for the day ? At least prepare a menu with the available meals and give to the customer so they know what they can order ? a simple thing like this can go a long way and steps like this will only help the restaurant to get more customers where as in the example I mentioned could drive them away..

Another problem that I have is the inability to understand the "Service Taxes" charged to customers for their meals. How is this calculated? Does anyone have an idea? If you do please enlighten me. Customers order food to have an enjoyable meal and they do pay the full cost that is shown in the bill (Most Do.. I don't know if some don't). So why do restaurants should add a service tax to it ? Isn't it a betrayal towards the customer ? I of course have become aware of this tax and now when I order food I make sure I don't order too many since if I do, I will get a thundering bill with the service cost added. This is cruel on the customers, utterly cruel..

The above two are the biggest problems that I see in our Local Restaurants. Better Service is closely attached with Better Quality so, if you can change or improve smaller things like the ones mentioned above it would benefit the restaurant business immensely as a lot of people these days like dining out.

" Identify the problems your customers are facing and try to give solutions to those problems, Customers bring you more business (specially in the restaurant business) and their recommendations are vital for your progress. So don't use them for your advantage in a bad way. Server them well.. and You will Gain Success. "

Cheers !!

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9:40 PM

Love your blog!
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  Chamindra H

3:50 AM

@sevenby3:Thank you for your Comment and Thank you for stopping by =) . I love your Blog 2 =) Just bookmarked it. Hope to hear more from you.. Cheers !!

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