Qualifications or Experience ?

Recently. I have discovered more and more people are into doing further studies to increase their career prospects. This include doing MBA's MSC's CIMA ,CIM etc etc. I have no animosity with the people who are doing these stuff its just a question that came to my mind; When it comes to getting jobs does more qualifications get you jobs and promotions rather than experience ?

You might say that it's a blend of both. But, I kind of feel that experience should be given more preference since it is where the real deal is. Working with clients, facing precarious business situations where you need to quick decisions without no time to refer to books; a person who succeeds in those aspects is the one who should be given more preference when it comes to salary increments or promotions rather than the more qualified one.

I have friends who have worked their butts off joining as trainees to companies and has made business decisions with more common sense rather than knowledge in books. Yet, they are working so hard to get qualifications since they can't get a promotion due to the company 's policy of needing to have certain qualifications. How pathetic is that?

A Lion might teach its cubs all the techniques when it comes to hunting for food. But if the cub doesn't have the sense of mind to act according to situations and decide which animals he should hunt and not and when is the right time ? he might in the end get injured and stay hungry forever.

This is a global issue and which can be seen more commonly in Sri Lanka. Thousands of talent drift away from the country due to this issue which is really pathetic to our country and a body blow to the Sri Lankan Economy.

So the questions remains.. what do we go for? Qualifications or Experience ?

Have a Great Week Ahead Everyone..

Cheers !!

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  Dinuka Arseculeratne

3:34 AM

Well i think a base qualification is a must(E.g BSc). As for the qualifications after that it all depends on what your goals are in life. For me i want to do an MBA not because if the fact that every tom,dick and harry are doing it right now but due to the fact that i want to some day start my own business(which might or might not work which is a different story altogether ;) ) and for me coming from an IT background i know for sure i will never get a business exposure to things and hence i opt for an MBA to get an overall understanding of the core aspects of a business. Ofcourse just by doing an MBA will not make me a successful entrepreneur, but its like a first step. And after that it all depends on your intuition whether or not you succeed of fail. Nice post overall. This is my two cents :) ..



4:44 AM

@Dra: I like the way you think and I like your goals bro... I wish you All da Very Best in that =) when you look from that point of view yeah its good to get the higher studies and get the knowledge to improve your career. But, there have been people who have succeeded even without a basic qualification, I feel sometimes you need to respect someone's abilities and reward them for that. Otherwise that person will get de motivated and depressed. You don't know the value of your employees until they resign so sometimes organizations should give more opportunities and should respect their employees for what they bring to the company and reward them for that.

  Dinuka Arseculeratne

6:36 AM

totally man.. i agree with your point. some times your employer underestimates you. What i do in that instance is i go out of my way and prove my self so they see what im capable of and i make sure i get recognised for my efforts. After that its a one way highway bro... Keep your cool and make sure you are given the credits you deserve.. How you do it is up to you.. thats the challenge and the interesting part yea ;)... All the best brother.. ur an achiever.. go for it .. Cheers


7:27 AM

@Dra: Yes Bro that's the only way.. if you do your thing well and make people aware of it. you will get what you want right? =) Thank you for the Wishes Bro !! and I Will Go For it!! and I Wish you the Same.. and I know you will Succeed 2 !! =)
Cheers !! =)


5:03 PM

Terrific work! This is the type of information that should be shared around the web. Shame on the search engines for not positioning this post higher!


3:22 AM

Well I've seen or rather know people who suck at studies let it be school or Uni they are just bad at it.

But when it comes to working in the real world they are really good and also theories that they find hard to understand from reading books they tend to grasp quickly in practical environments.

I blame the local education system (starting from school) where practicality is nil and everything important should be on paper.

Also I've noticed that even though people keep failing exams and papers they do learn what what is taught but have trouble applying it on structured paper whereas you put them into the industry they suddenly start to blossom than the guy with double masters.

Good post btw. An issue that needs to be discussed immediately with the masses.


9:24 AM

@M.L.B: Thank you so much for your insight mate and I am glad you like the post =). Yes its a burning issue that we should communicate to the masses I hope this post is the first step to that. =) Cheers !!


10:04 AM

You got great points there, that's why I always love checking out your blog.

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