Random Thursday..

Things are moving along smoothly in life these days. work , life balance is maintained though I am on call 24/7 and must say I am used to this lifestyle now.

Try my best to always find some time to do self studying and improve my knowledge. I have become addicted to reading now I feel its a good thing.

I always try to do what I love to do and making music and photography are two things which has kept me occupied during my free times and has yielded good results.

Family wedding season will begin next month and it will go on till next January. Fun and Food wise its a good thing but finding something to wear for all the occasions would be a tricky one.

What a win by Mahela and the Kochi Tuskers in the IPL yesterday over KKR. Mahela showed why he is a great captain and Shah Rukh Khan must be having a new theme song now " Kochi Kochi Hotha Hai !!"

Some small advice before I stop. "Don't go after things too much.. be patient once you have done your best. and if you did it honestly and in a good heart, good results will eventually come. "

Cheers !!

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