Well Played Sri Lanka !!

You made us Proud by fighting to the End..
Mahela you were Magnificent
Malinga you were Superb
Mural we are going to Miss You !!
And Sanga
You are the Best Captain Ever and a True Gentleman for World Cricket !!

You didn't win the Cup.. But you Increased the Love and Passion for you by our island nation in More than a Million Words..

Well Played Sri Lankan Cricket Team !!!

Labana Sare Api Denawa Bate !!

Cheers !!

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6:31 PM

HIS EXCELLENCY our PRESIDENT RAJAPAKSA has been let down BADLY. On two occasions he travelled to the far Caribbean and then to Mumbai, both with large numbers of followers and at great expense, and on both occasions the Sri Lanka cricketers failed to win though they were doing very well until the finals. Why did they fail in the presence of our Victorious President? Who is the Jonah?


8:23 PM

Kind of Agree with you Man.. I think it added some extra pressure on our guys or the President is not lucky to see our guys Win a World Cup !!

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