Why I think Dilshan was made the New Sri Lankan Cricket Captain

1. Matthews has obviously not recovered from his injury and maybe a doubtful starter for the England tour.

2. Dilshan will be captain only for the England tour till SLC grooms Matthews to be Captain.

3. Sanga and Mahela 's participation is doubtful since they are captains of their respective IPL Teams and might join the tour half way or the SLC has decided to show them the door and bring youngsters to replace them.

4. SLC wants to try something new.

5. SLC is nutzzz and wants the team to perform badly in England so it will be Sri Lanka's wedding gift to Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Cheers !!

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8:14 PM

I do agree with your rational thinking Dude. Great !


7:01 AM

@Asela : Thanks Bro.. but sadly its the harsh reality na..

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