Indie Ink Writing Challenge: " A Land Like No Other.."

As I wake up in the morning to the sounds of a jungle fowl and the sounds of pirith in the radio,  I see the clock is 5 a.m. Looking forward to another busy week ahead I go to the kitchen where mom has prepared the perfect cup of tea to wake me up putting away the little bit of sleepiness I had.   I get ready to go to work  and worship the noble triple gem as she prepare my lunch and keeps the breakfast ready for the whole family. I get my favorite rice and curry or the bread with butter an jam and I hurry off to work with dad before the clock pasts 6.30. It's the normal day to day lifestyle of a modern day Sri Lankan Family , no matter where you live, rich or poor , this lifestyle will never change. That's the beauty of my motherland.  

Renowned as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is a paradise worth visiting if you haven't visited it yet. Covered by sea all around .The sandy shores with beautiful sunsets. The beautiful waterfalls and the scenic beauty of  "Little England". I could go on and on and on but  I will just end up choking for words as you need to see it to believe it.

It's not only known for its beauty, but is also known for its traditions. The Sinhalese and Tamil New Year where the majority of the people in country perform the new year traditions at the same time . The devotion and respect to each others religion and beliefs. Respecting your elders and also the act of  giving back . The rest of the world might question if they have these qualities but I am damn proud to say it is still there in my country. 

The civil war might have brought on a conflict, but it never divided my country into two. Everyone respected each other no matter what religion , background or society they came from. The perfect example is the team that won us the 1996  Cricket World Cup which had players from all walks of life  who played together in solitude to create one of the greatest sporting achievements of our country.

Where Kiribath with Sini Sambol  is considered an awesome meal;Where tuk tuk rides are much more fun than going in buses or cars; where baila is a far better sing a long option than rock songs ; Sri Lanka is heaven for its citizens and a wonderful place to visit and enjoy for everyone else. The Lion Nation,  A Land Like No Other. A land where people from all walks of life , religions and cultures live as a one big happy family.  Its my Mother Lanka. And I am Proud to be Sri Lankan.


The above is the reply by me for this  week's  Indie Ink Writing Challenge, given to me by one my good friends Dili  the challenge was " Where you live is a slice of paradise, tell us why". It's rarely i get a chance to write about my motherland and this one was the perfect the opportunity to do it. Thanks Dili for the prompt and  I hope you guys liked it . Also please check out the response by xtinabosco  who will reply to the prompt I gave to her soon.

Have a Great Week Ahead Everyone !!

Cheers !!

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8:48 AM

Nice article, but u better write 2 about the dumb politicians 2

  Chamindra H

10:11 AM

@Anon: Thank You =)and I don't like politics so I am not writing about it


7:44 PM

You've made me want to visit. Thanks! :)

  Chamindra H

6:40 AM

@Sunshine: You should visit here sometime and I assure you that you won't regret it =) Thanks for the comment ! Cheers !! =)

  Random Girl

8:26 AM

You paint such a lovely picture of your homeland, it is obvious that you appreciate what is around you each day. It really sounds like a beautiful place and a beautiful culture. Makes me want to visit to see it first hand.

  Chamindra H

9:57 AM

@Random Girl: Thank You So Much for the Comments RG =) Yeah its an Awesome Country to Live and I really Damn Proud that I was born here. You should visit here sometime and as I told Sunshine you will nor regret it =). Cheers!!

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