i hate my heart

u know something ppl, Love comes to u in a wat no one knows and u don't know when it will come to u. i must admit the fact tat i thought love was a just a joke. i thought it was just like a cricket game where their is always a winner. ( this is only in regard to oneday games). but one smile, one look from those twinkling eyes made me change my thought. and that is where my whole life began to change.
for the last few days i have been thinking reaaly hard . more than i did for my al's. i realized life is based on love and u can't carry on without getting any affection.The gal who changed tat was in omy class. So u must be thinking wat could have stopped me from achieving my goal.
unfortunately my heart gave me the wrong signals. don't do it chami , don't do it. u still have time. So after a lot of thought, i got over it. but i must tell u tat she is the only gal i have LOVED so far.

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2:25 PM

Well..Well wow could Chammi be in love?
Well pla this is what I have to say, listen to your heart slowly, love is not attraction machan, love is not the external appearence.
You have plenty of time to deal with things don't worry figure out what you want first, don't just rush in to things, love not just with the heart, but with the soul and mind as well.

If you do need anyone to talk to I'm asround dude.

Chill and Have fun!!!!!!!!!!


10:08 PM

wud u blieve if i told dat i "know" who dis person is????!!!

i rlly do!


11:19 PM

Gosh! chami boy in LUV....hmm...kool....i really wanna knw who she is...he he....cummon chami u can do it..as SU said just listen to ur heart...and u'll figure out the rest...well its sumthg im scared of...besides i luv everyone no....
luv ya..hang in there chami

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