stuck in the middle

Well the topic says it all. i have never been good nor bad i have been OK al lthe way. y is this happening to me? here are some examples.

1) i got 6A'S and C for my ol's it was not bad it was not good it was OK.
2) I got 2C's and a A for my al's it was not good it was not bad it was OK.
3) I play cricket i am not good i am not bad i am OK.
4) I play carrom i am not good iam not bad i am OK.
5) i got a B for my assginment it was not good not bad it was OK.

I don't know y these things happen to me. i wanna take that extra step forward and be among the best. but some thing? some blady little thing doesnn't let me do tat. i am sooo worried and confused and frustrated.

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8:21 AM

yeah dude i know ur a hard worker but try to balance everything ........ instead of working on one ..... also never think ur bad ur the best yar !!!! . the results might not show that but we know ur the best and a hard working young man .... also all these ok's will become good when u really start life ... think of the positives yar !!!!! and never stop working hard k


4:33 PM

Well what can I say you are not the only person bad things happen to, I got a B as well........ As Sanka said if you worked hard that's enough, it's not the result.......... Beside being ok machang is some time berrer than being the best........ The Best can never become more than than but you can........


3:34 AM

ya try to balnce it out ... maybe things are not going ur way now .. but always someday or other hard work pays off..

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