By reading the topic u will be thinking this guy is mad. But if u look deeper and read this post carefully u will see that this guy is telling the truth and not bluffing a ridiculous story.

my life span hasnow ben upto 19 years. And i had the first experience of death when i was only 7 yers old. It was the day the first of my 3 uncle's passed away. then two others followed him soon after. i was so confused at that time and was mad with the maker of this damn world,. for taking those poeple's invaluable lives. The pain it gave their families. how the coped with the situation. i was really sad and really mad.

but soon i realized the true facts about death. when i looked into their unconchess bodies i was able to see the how peacefuly they have gone to sleep. they don't have to wake up again and face the troubles we are facing in life. They looked really happy although their demise brought lot of grief to others.

nowadys i also feel that deatjh is better than life. the main reason for that is see how many hardships poeple are facing in life? see how the poor poeple waiting not knowing when theit next meal is going to come.? a dead person doesn't have these troubles. and i think that justifies the things i am saying rite now.

Lord Buddha said " anichha wata sankakra". the meaning of that to my knowledge is life is gonna end someday do good things as much as possible. i live accrding to thatdeath will come to me someday and i am ready for it doing good things as much as possible.

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8:05 PM

Well dude letme tell you some thing life is always better than death..I love mylife,life is what youmake of it, bad things happen I know and death causes pain to people around them.
But everything in life happens for a reason and most of the time its for a better reason.

"Life is always good, bringing a new life to the world is sacred, giving your life for someone else is holy"

"Love life live well machang"


10:04 AM

hey chami...
the way u thk it worries me....well wot uve said can be true to a certain extent but..dear..the "heading" cannot be ever true...its true at sumtime u gota face death...bt at that time...u'll feel hw scary it is...and by day i dnt thk ur insane..bt still i dnt thk no one can ever love death..there is so much to life....u knw...even pain u have to face it..and besides life is not only abt pain....u certainly hav ur happy times..so plzzz try not thkin like ths k


11:24 PM





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