Another year comes to an end

2004, a year filled with happiness and regrets sorrows. I lft my alma mater this year i was soo sad to leave my second home but life had to go on so i went on like the others. But lucky for me i found another home APIIT LANKA. Although i lost my school pals i found another batch of pals who din't let me feel tat i lesft my collegues at school. so guys take a bow u deserve it.

Now for the sorrows. i did my al's and i din't get the expected results i wanted to get. i was happy for a moment but after i was so unhappy as i worked hard to get good results. also i could not get my driving license. It was a hard day and i totally blew my chance. Also i am still single . even my bro got a gf this year but me no . so i wish maybe next year cupid will throw an arrow at me.
There are expectations as well. i must do my dgree well . and get good results .and also i will help others more. as my life motto says.


hope my dreams would be a reality.

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6:40 AM

Machang Chammi I hope this year will be a good year for you.........

Everyone goes through the same S*%#......... So you are NOT ALONE my friend

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