I don't know y this is happennig ? But it's a regular thing .Most of the time guys go after gals they try to get their love and try to be with them. and girls knowing tat guys are after them try to lift there prices and try to be show offs and more prettier than before.( actually they get more worse than they were before.) y is this happening?????????????.

To tell u the truth i also had the same problem. But i soon realised it's not worth it cos we men have some beauty inside in us don't we???? Some day i will get a girl friend but not going after her by making her coming after me.( this doesen't mean i am being selfish just tat i wanna change the trend.) and guys who are reading this take note. but one thing u should remember and i do to tat


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4:17 AM

truuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu dat
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but machan there's this thing that even if women like u, they wait till e guy opens up 1st. I know a gal who lost a guy that she likes jus bcos he didn't ask her out.

SO take e risk............. but make sure that it's worth @ e end o e day

Good luck
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7:51 AM

True Chammi you should try to make the girls come after you but Chammi if you really feel for a girl and that you know her well and you know deep down that she's ment for you I'll tell you to take a risk and go for her...

Just follow what you feel.
but at the end of the day just have fun and dont complicate your life.

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