Well feb 14 came. I asked her hand. She said she likes another guy. The day was over. I still can't figure out tat this actually happended. and y i asked her in the first place. But i had many reasons. Peer pressure, Brother pressure eyc. and i had to do it . She carries on with her life normally. But i am not Ok. Everytime i see her those words she told me murmurs in my head. "I AM SO SORRY CHAMI. I LIKE ANOTHER GUY. "and i cannot concentrate on my work and life since. They say tat love brings u happiness and joy. But most of the time it brings u sadness. I am sure u will agree.

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8:03 PM

I am sorry and I know that’s not exactly what you wanna hear but be happy that you plucked up the courage to ask her. Lots of men find that really hard to do and often use the wrong approaches. Rejection is not failure but the first step to start again…

All the very best!


7:38 AM

Wow I totally agree with Aash
Things happen Chammi you probably wudent understand it nw but later on in life you wud the thing is not worring about this too much

DAMN!!!!!!!!!! how do I explain it to you?????????????

The secret is within u, u hav to decide to move on

Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!


8:17 PM

Man... I'm amazed at the wisdom you people possess and so generously share….


4:04 AM


dude................ well u know.... U did know what I went through. B happy that U won't regret U didnt ever ask her out...........

BUT someday, someday..... some OTHER day..... dude


5:10 AM

Oh sorry Chammi, Did u give a tube of SupriVicky along with ur proposal ??? It always works... May be u shud try again. And just between u and me, 2/3 guys get rejected b'cos of bad breathe. So keep ur SupriVicky in handy.

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