Looks are like a cat and the voice is so loud
She has a kind heart and loves everyone around
Lakshi is her partner and D.L is her crush
Everyone adores her sweet lovely touch.


Comes with bashi to apiit everyday
Samaposha is her breakfast everyday
Sudantha is her “ bite” everyday
Wants to get taller, but it won’t work any way.


This guy is a unique one, sometimes weird too
Makes great jokes, he is also a “hub” too.
Has the ability to make friends and make them happy too.
Has his msn sign in name says “THE S MAN ROCKZ” Lu.


This guy is an all rounder in work fun and play.
If he does not get an A+ he will fade away.
Afraid of his girl friend, like most of the guys today.
He is a role model a person can take any day.


Better known from his nick name “Dans ”
A very good friend, a computer maniac.
Works in the Lab and likes M.C
He knows always what he wants to be.


A linkin park fan, R.C is his school.
He likes to ask questions. D.L is his fore,
Never gives up trying, Has a secret girlfriend.
“G-UNIT” rockz, always “IN THE SENSE”.


This guy always has a question on his mind
Is a hard worker and knows what he is doing.
Fine with everyone, likes to hang out with me
“DON” can be defined as another brainy.


This guy is also a very unique one
Likes to make jokes and laugh at everyone.
Although he waits, till the last moment comes.
“MAHANAMA” is what he’ll someday become.


The eldest person, in our whole class.
“120” is always his favorite bus.
Good at math, good at computers.
“EE HARSHA” is a guy to remember.


Another guy who fell from R.C
Ranjan is always gr8 to hang out with
He has a fan club filled with girlfriends.
He is one of the kool ppl I have ever met.


The guy with an alien accent, vish is his nickname
Most of the time he is online, acting is his game
Another computer maniac, but a good guy too
Vish is another unique guy in DFO492.


I thought I’d say about these guys together
Hope they would not mind
They are very kool people; SACK is the place they like.
Experts in carom, experts in cric
With each other they always click.


Another Thomian in the BIT class
He is kool guy, who always likes to laugh
Singing is his second passion, except for his GF
Likes to at chat cyber cafĂ©’s, Beware my friend.


She left BIT, to COM this SEM…
But still she is the light to everyone.
She is a kool girl with very good advice.
I am sure she still misses, DANS’S very good BITES.


Another M.C gal in our class,
She has a nice smile and i very polite too
Carrying her STUPID bag every where she goes
She is a reason y BIT still shines


A visakian, “ PATHI ” is her nickname
She works really hard, to get a lot of fame.
She is a fashion gal, with lots of earrings and bands
She went to my sinhala class; time has done the trick.


Another gal who does not know what “SLOW” means
A hard worker tries to do her work rite
She is the secretary. Of ranjan’s elite group
With “G” in the com class, hmmm I should say no more.


A gal coming from the hill capital, she has an elephant as a pet
She is a cricket fan, with a liking to K.S most
The adviser in ranjan’s group she likes to fight with “F”
Good at math, good at work she likes to match everything


The Muslim gal with a cute smile, She is brainy too
Comes in a taxi, goes in taxi, she is quiet too
A member of ranjan’s group; travels with them too
She is fine with everyone, with me also too


The other half of sanka, she is good at math too
She is the coordinator in our group work too
Hangs out with V when S is not there
She is another kool gal in out BIT


Her name starts with “ CHAR” sign like mine
She goes for regattas and cheers for STC.
A CIMA gal with very good knowledge too Another Musiatte,that makes the sum four.

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8:58 AM

Cool poem but u forgot a few people


4:06 AM

=) coooooooooooool man

thnanx 4 all e good thoughts


7:43 AM

chamiiiii....that is so cute.....
luv ya

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