Have u ever faced life and death at the SAME TIME?

This i think is a hard question for any person who hasn't faced this siitutation. But to a person who has already faced it and to a person who isalready FACING IT??? this is an easy question. i know a person who is on the verge of life and death . My grandma 's sister ( it is ok to say that she is my grandma as she was very close to us when she was healthy.) She is not opening her eyes and is in asor of coma at the moment. Her kidneys have failed. her heart is beating slowly. ( The only thing alive at the moment.) how would she feeling rite now? ican't imagine it. may be u won't either. But still it isver pathetic .And i pray to god eveytime to give her more years to live. As she has lived true to her religion and was friendly with all the ppl she met. This life is nothing but shit don't u agree???

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2:17 AM

i hate 2 admit it, but that's true man. I mean, look at what lord buddha says. It all makes sense.

All this effort for us to survive must not should go in vain. But don't we do petty sins everyday to satisfy our materialistic needs. What we don't understand is that, All of us should be prepared to die in anytime or place, so it is us who will have the ultimate loss.

Sorry abt your grandma, may the triple gem bless her.


10:19 AM

yah chami like gunith said...we shuld be ready to face it anytime coz its possible to happen at anytime..its sad..better not to thk abt it that much.......
and chami sorry abt ur grandma..hope she'll b ok...

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