My S/E girlfriend!

She and I became friends in the year 2001. We met through a online pen friends site, and i contacted her.So in the a friendship was established. Since then we have been contacting each other thoough sms and email. But the funny thing is We haven't meteach other yet. We had one chance to meet, But time was a spoil sport. So in the end our chance was gone.

Now its been 5 years for our friendship and grows strong everytime we contact each other. BUt still i like to see her wat she look like. MAY be i would not meet her forever. bu i hope our friendship never dies.

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9:29 AM

Hey man may be I can help the two of you meet up someday?????? what do you say?


7:00 PM

Hope all goes well ;)


2:02 AM

Most probably, all won't go well. Telling u with experience.


1:22 PM

You have a girlfriend you haven't seen?

Is this like some arranged thing? Like an arranged marriage? Or did you just run into this chick online or something?

She might be psycho man. I'd say don't go meet her if you value your life. She might drug you and cut your balls off or something.

Or in a best case scenario she might be an old hag! With baggy tits hanging down to her knees. The photograph she sent you might have been one of a pretty grand-daughter or something.

I agree with that guy Daham. Don't meet her man.

Fuck man. People get killed this way. Take care. Seriously.

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