Isn't It Pathetic ?

These days i got know the real inside of some people who tend to be by my side. Some just pretend to be soooo nice and friendly and nest momet. they become FUCKERS !!!! ( There is no word to descrbe thm better) . They stab you in the back and take advantage ofu and make u feel sad without giving you any chance to require. But one thing is 4 sure. These kind of poeple does not succeed in life no matter waht they will intend to do. They will loose all their loved ones. and umtimatelyu they will die like RATS in a shit pit. Well how sad ????????? how Pathetic?????????? ( POW NE , HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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9:36 AM

Well let me tell u get to knw the real person inside them b4 u trust them and the back stabbers they will always b there machang u jus have to deal wit them and cope wit them................. u wonder where there backbone is?


7:50 PM

What they need is your sympathy and help. Not verbal abuse and curse. Remember - you have to keep yourself on the top all the time!


8:45 AM

how can u sympathise with poeple who have broken your trust. ????????????


7:51 PM

AAsh was right, U're jus putting yourself into that shitty level.

Come on....... YOU ARE VERY MUCH MORE BETTER THAN THAT!!!!!!!!!! Honestly

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