Well i read this thing in the newspaper today that says that gals can bear things that happen to them than guys. Guys tend to fall apart quickly bu gals can resist the pain and move forward. This was in regard to love. But is it true?? doesn't guys have the ability to move on from bad relationships and forget there past???. i think its wrong ( not be cos i am a guy!! its that i have friends who have moved on with their lives although thy had bad relationships. ) But still i think gals are the ones who cries a lot guys do cry But they don't show it to the outside world like the way gals do !! most of the time. But in the end i think this some thing where we won't be able to find an answer ever !!!

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There could be some truth in what you read because the female and male psychology can drastically differ in certain areas. On the other hand there are both girls and guys at both extremes (of either being torn or moving on).

What matters is that anyone who does their best in achieving something to overcome such emotional stress can certainly train themselves to do so!

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