Staying Quiet.

Lots of ppl ask me these days . y r u so quiet? You r not the person we knew in the past? What happended to your talkative mouth? etc. Yea true that i have changed. True that i am not the same person any more. !!!!

Problems come to u in ways you don't even dream abt. Problems on studies, Problems about life ( loneliness !!! ) and problems abt poeople. These days i have experienced all those and i am not sure i can't bear that all as i have still begining to get use of becoming adult. But i don't worry abt things anymore/ i don't care what others think and tell me what to do anymore. I will take my decisions ( Always try to take the best alternative!!) and how big the risk would be !!! i will not worry. Cos in the what remians is only me and for all myself. !!!!!!!

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5:00 AM

Keep it up dude... Keep that head up.. You can do (almost) anything if you believe in yourself

You can always talk to me abt anyting you know, just in case

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