My Thoughts

I have a lot of female friends
With whom I talk and laugh
But still I haven’t been able to find
My love, the perfect one
Most people say don’t worry
Time will solve everything
But when I see other lovers
I feel I am unlucky

There is a girl who I knew for sometime
She was so sweet and her looks were fine
One day she saw this guy and went after him
But there was a problem, he had a girlfriend
She wanted him badly so she didn’t gave up
But all the time the guy didn’t respond
In the end she went crazy and her life was a mess
She could not understand the real meaning of love

When you need love, when you need some company
I will be right next to you, as soon as you think of me
When you feel tired and sad and lonely
Try to listen to the beat of your heart
I will be right beside you, as soon you try to breath

You broke my heart the day before Christmas
You just said sorry and went away
Now you come on the same day this year
And say, “I am sorry” again
Our story ended on the day you said good-bye
The memories you left, when you betrayed
Faded when you came back again

She broke my heart; she broke my soul
I am there crying, lying on the floor
She left a lot of memories
It’s a thorn in my flesh
She left me after so many years
This I cannot understand

Your heart is like a house of glass
Nothing can enter nothing can go out
Your eyes are like a the rays of the sun
Others can’t look directly into it
Still you cannot live without it

He thought he loved her
He was desperate as he went after her
After sometime he realized he was wrong
It was not love; it was just a crush

Sometimes tears are painful to the eyes
Sometimes it brings happiness
How strange that tears are like this
It is almost like the life we live

Love and passion doesn’t go together
Some people think they are
Passion is the result of a crush
When passion grows stronger
It turns in to love

Once you love a woman and she breaks your heart,
It is hard to recover no matter what that person does
Love is sometimes so unforgiving; it takes a person’s life
So it is better not to think and love a person more than your life

Thought I found the love, thought I found light
Thought that I found the eternal happiness of my life
But she was like a mirage that cannot be touched or felt
She was out of reach my happiness toned to bits
Love is so unforgiving. It breaks a persons heart
Especially when you love a person, more than anything else
Give your life time; don’t rush into things
Other wise u will undergo the things I had to face

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