August 9TH ( A DAY TO REMEMBER !!!)

I never thought that this day would be one of the unforgettable days of my life . It came so unexpectedly . The finals of the Indian Oil Cup was going to be held that day, and i was wondering when i am going to watch it on tv when suddenly i got the chance to go the match it self. It was a lucky break not to be missed. so i went with my dad to the stadium and thats only the begining.

The Delay of tickets
When we got ot the stadium, there were lot of poeple everywhere trying to get into the stadium. many were trying to get their hands on a ticket as we heard all the drumming and shouting of the poeple inside the grounds. The poeple who were giving us tickets were not there and told us that theyare on the way. So we missed the chance to see Sanath getting his 10.000 runs. but we got to know the waiting was worth very soons. cos we got grand stand tickets worth 5000 for free!!!.

The Spectators
The spectators in our stand were all indians . they were shouting really loud and we sri lankans were out numbered to a certain extent. ut i didn't care about that and with the help with some other sri lankans i began to support our team ( although my father tried to prevent me ) . After a while my father went to join his friends and that is when the real fun began

The Indian Gal
The match went on sri lanka scoring 281/8 in 50 overs. Sanath, Mahela and Arnold batted syperbly they were helpd by some funny fielding errors by the indians. But something unexpected happen to me ( just like cricket where u cannot expect things). This indian gal was rite in front of me from the time i came to watch the match. She was soo cute and pretty . ( When i saw her i realized why indian gals win beaty pagents.) . At the break she wanted a seat . i was already sitting in 3 chairs so i gave her my one. Then i started talking to her mostly about the match . and then about her. ( i didn't get her name tho). Her accent was really nice and suddeny;y i began to have this thing for indian women. Her mother gave me something to eat as well. in the end i had a gal by my side, the match and also a feast . I was pleased as punch

Shewag Blasts

Well back to the match. The indians came out confidently and shewag began to hit our bowlers to all part of the grounds. The indians near me me were shouting like hell and when i tried to encourage my team they just tried to say things in hindi ( i understood it all ). but after shewag got out Sri lanka began to take charge. ( Look at the picture hehe!!!!)

Yvraj , Dravid, Dhoni .....

Yvraj and Dravid were batting very well and were up with the requires run rate. All the sri lankans were quite ( i was too wondering how a break through will come) while the indians were chanting for victory. the stand was silent with hardly a sri lankan shouting, but me and another guy who was i think in my age kept ncouraging our team although the indians didn't like it. Suddenly we saw yvraj hitting the bowl in the air and Lokuhetti caught it. Sri lanka got the break thru they wanted and i i began to get turned on as i started shouting. Then dravid went and then dhoni ( I was shouting like in sri lankan words and the indians beside me began to dislike it as they gave me some weired looks . but i didn't stop as i shouted and suppored my team in every way i possibly can and in the end it worked ) . Indians fell short and Sri Lanka won the cup.

The Soverniers
The indians were beaten comprehensively. and in the end all the indian spectators who were in our stand were parcticlayy chased out by the sri lankan fans. ( chanting " go home, go home") . I needed some soverniers and i got a sri lankan flag ( which was waved by an indian at the begining). and also i had the ticket ( which was also given to me by some indians). With the soverniers I went home . with lot of memories in side ( Specially the victory , the gal and the cheering i did for my team) that will remain inside me forever.

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