Hard to identify. Hard to resist. How can u identify good from bad??

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12:21 PM

why do we need to differentiate good from the bad? why not do without them?


9:00 PM

I'll tell you how, the moment u tell me why you need to know!


1:18 AM

The Reson is that we are living in a very complicated world today and i have met so many poeple in my 20 years of existence.

some are really unforgiving ,crafty and break your heart instantly. many has done this to me. But the real friends i have help me a lot and stay with me in good and bad times.

I am going to face many challenges in life in the future and it would be mostly with people that is y i need to know how to identify the good from bad ???


10:36 AM

The concept, in a nutshell, is relative in nature. But experience should teach you what you choose to call good and what to call bad.

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