Thomian Fair 2005

Although i was stuck with work at Apiit. I thought of going to the thomian fair. It was Nice to go back to my alma mater and although i came back to it after sometime .The same splandour and glory was there.

I met a lot my friends ( which was my main objective of going to the fair at the first place). They all were pleased to see me and i was too . Each guy was doing and learning different different joibs and subjects. Most of them were with their girlfriends ( I wish i had one to show them too hehe ) Some of them were really tall and changed a lot but still, they were the same buddies I had when i was with them.

Overall it was a gr8 day. and how bad i miss my school days. I know it will never come back to me. But, i will always rememeber The School By The Sea.

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