There is a hero inside all of us; A hero who can make our lives merrier successful and brighter than any other thing or element. But our hero is invincible to us. We hardly see it. But, it’s always with us; it travels every where with us; watching how to help us and guide us in order to be successful in the things we do in life. But it doesn’t show its presence although it exists in us. So who is our hero?

The Hero of our lives is none other than we alone. Successful people who have achieved things in life and recognized their abilities and worked accordingly and passionately in things they do in order to become heroes. So overall what we can see is we are the hero’s in this world and in order to be a hero work and think like a hero’ you will never fail.

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6:55 PM

What a coincidence!!! Mariah carey sez e same thing!

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