Love ……. Many pundits from yesteryear had tried to define this four letter word and even today people are trying to describe it in their own unique ways. I am not writing this post to increase the definitions about love; but to see if people today realize its true meaning and living up according to the definitions given about it.

In my point of view I think the love between people today is more selfish, fulfillment of joy and wining the race of competition. As one great philosopher said “Love is a feeling that comes within your heart and stays with you till the day you die”. As we see it is not something you can get from casual relationships or by threats and other bad deeds. Understanding comes first then familiarity then specialty then loneliness. These points are important landmarks that ultimately take a person to the feeling of love. It is something you cannot achieve overnight.

Sadly, today’s generation doesn’t understand this. They try to muster some happiness and joy from their relationships hardly considering the future of their relationships. Love is as most people say and rightly so is based on trust and today’s generation doesn’t take this seriously. So what I think is and this is something common to all of us; “in order to be loved you must know how to love”.

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